The Descendants of

Thomas Lincoln, the husbandman

Charles Raymond Lincoln

Birth: 22-Mar-1920, Obi, New York
Death:   24-Nov-2002, Doylestown, Ohio
Marriage:   31-Dec-1937 to Katherine Evelyn Heffern
Paternal Lineage

With wife Katherine Evelyn Heffern:


Not much is known of Charles Lincoln.  His occupation was a pastor.  He married his wife at the age of 17, and he died at age 82.  The birthdate of Katherine Heffern is unknown.  Obi, New York, the place of Charles' birth, is a town near the border of New York, south of Buffalo, and near Duke Center, Pennsylvania, the place of birth of Charles' father.  Doylestown, Ohio, the place of Charles' death, is about 25 miles south of Cleveland.

Map of New York  Map of Ohio

Documentation is from:

  1. Personal communications - Larry Combs, a nephew of Charles Lincoln, and from Robert Lincoln, son of Charles.
  2. Ohio Deaths.



US Census - Port Allegany, PA 1930

US Census - Port Allegany, PA 1930

Ohio Deaths - Charles Raymond Lincoln

Ohio Deaths - Charles Raymond Lincoln