The Descendants of

Thomas Lincoln, the husbandman

Joshua Lincoln

Birth: 03-May-1645, Hingham, Massachusetts
Death:   21-Apr-1694, Hingham, Massachusetts
Marriage:   20-Apr-1666 to Deborah Hobart
Paternal Lineage

With wife Deborah Hobart:


Joshua was a carpenter.  He lived on Fort Hill Street, the same street as his father and twin brother Caleb, and served for a time as a constable at age 27 (1672), and a selectman (1682 and 1691).  He married Deborah just before he turned 21 (she was about 18 at the time).  He died just before his 49th birthday.

Joshua's wife, Deborah Hobart, was baptised in Hingham, Massachusetts on 12-Sep-1647, and died in Hingham on 29-Nov-1684 at the age of 37 (Joshua was 39 at the time).  As her last child, Isaac, was born just two weeks earlier, she likely died of some complication of his birth.  Her parents were Captain Joshua Hobart and Ellen (Ibrook) Hobart.  All the children of Joshua and Deborah were born in Hingham, Massachusetts.  Of all their children, only Peter (born 1670/71) and Solomon had male offspring.

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Documentation is from:

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History of the Town of Hingham, Vol III, p 16

History of the Town of Hingham, MA, Vol. III, p. 16