The Descendants of

Thomas Lincoln, the husbandman

Ruby Lincoln

Birth: 04-Apr-1918, Bayard, Nebraska
Death:   05-Sep-2018
Marriage:   14-Sep-1936 to Jack Hill
Paternal Lineage

With husband Jack Hill:

  • Larry, born - still living
  • Loretta, born - still living

Ruby Lincoln's mother (Nell Whitman) died of childbirth when Ruby was 7, and her father died of pneumonia when she was 10.  Ruby then went to live with her Whitman grandparents.  She lived with her husband, Jack, in Bayard, Nebraska, until her death.  Ruby and Jack were married for 78 years.  Her ashes are placed in the Bayard Cemetery.

Map of Nebraska

Documentation is from:

  1. Personal communication with Ruby Lincoln Hill.



Ida Tunks Lincoln and grandchildren

Ruby Lincoln (center) around age 12 with cousins, brother, and Grandmother Ida Lincoln

Ruby Lincoln Hill with husband Jack, 2012

Ruby Lincoln Hill with husband Jack, 2012