The Descendants of

Thomas Lincoln, the husbandman

Eldon Elery Lincoln

Birth: 03-Jun-1920, Bayard, Nebraska
Death:   06-Mar-1992, Alliance, Nebraska
Marriage:   to Helen Johnston
Paternal Lineage

With wife Helen Johnston:

  • Kenneth, born - still living
  • Richard, born - still living
  • Michael, born - still living

Not much is known of Eldon Lincoln.  His mother died of childbirth when he was not yet 5, and then his father died when he was 8.  Eldon then went to live with his Lincoln grandparents (Robert and Ida Lincoln), while his older sister went to live with their deceased mother's parents.  Eldon graduated from high school in Bayard, Nebraska in 1939.  He died at age 71 in Alliance, Nebraska, a town about 25 miles northeast of Bayard, Nebraska.

Eldon's wife, Helen, was born 29-Mar-1921, in Bridgeport, Nebraska (a town about 15 miles southeast of Bayard).  She divorced Eldon after about 46 years of marriage, and then remarried, changing her last name to Graham.  Helen died in Lincoln, Nebraska, on 19-Oct-1997 at the age of 76.

Map of Nebraska

Documentation is from:

  1. Personal communication with Ruby Lincoln Hill, daughter of Elery Lincoln, and with Kenneth Lincoln, son of Eldon Lincoln.



Ida Tunks Lincoln and grandchildren

Eldon Lincoln (far right) around age 10 with cousins, sister, and Grandmother Ida Lincoln

Eldon, Helen, and Kenneth Lincoln, around 1943

Eldon, Helen, and Kenneth Lincoln, around 1943

Eldon Lincoln Family

Eldon Lincoln with wife Helen, and sons Richard, Kenneth, and Michael, around 1975