The Descendants of

Thomas Lincoln, the husbandman

Irene Eleanor Lincoln

Birth: 28-Sep-1917, Bayard, Nebraska
Death: 16-Jul-1990, Scottsbluff, Nebraska
Marriage:   Never married
Paternal Lineage

No children


Irene Lincoln developed diabetes around age 11.  Insulin had just recently been manufactured for widespread use, and Irene periodically went to Denver to get her insulin dose regulated.  She was very careful about regulating her diet and getting exercise throughout her life.

Irene worked at a beanery in Bayard after high school.  She then worked in the Morrill County government (Bayard is in Morrill County), and eventually went to work for the Chimney Rock Public Power Company from February, 1954 to July, 1975.  She eventually had to move into a nursing home in Bayard around 1980.  She suffered several heart attacks in her final years, finally succumbing to a fatal attack on 16-July-1990 at the age of 72, in a hospital in Scottsbluff, a town about 15 miles northwest of Bayard.  She is buried in the Bayard Cemetery with her parents, Allan and Ila.

Map of Nebraska

Documentation is from:

  1. Robert M. Lincoln, Irene's brother.



Irene Lincoln

Irene Lincoln

Irene Lincoln, age 33, holding niece Cathy Lincoln (Dec 1950)

Irene Lincoln, age 33, holding niece Cathy Lincoln (Dec 1950)