The Descendants of

Thomas Lincoln, the husbandman

Milan L. Lincoln

Birth: 15-Dec-1926, Bayard, Nebraska
Death:   29-May-1978, Springfield, Missouri
Marriage:   to Florence Yates
Paternal Lineage

With wife Florence Yates:

  • Sherilyn, born - still living
  • Michael, born - still living

Milan and his wife Florence, and her father Ben Yates, were on vacation in the Ship & Anchor Motel in Springfield, Missouri on May 29, 1978, when carbon monoxide seeped into their room from the lack of a proper vent pipe to a new hot water tank that had just been installed. Milan and Mr. Yates both passed away and Florence survived.  Not much else is known about Milan or his wife Florence.  It appears that their home at the time was in Arizona.

Map of Nebraska  Arizona

Documentation is from:

  1. Personal family records especially from Robert Martin Lincoln, cousin of Milan Lincoln.
  2. Personal communication with Jerry Lincoln, brother of Milan Lincoln.
  3. Social Security Death Index from



Ida Tunks Lincoln and grandchildren

Young Milan Lincoln holding his grandmother Ida Lincoln's hand, and with his cousins.

Milan and Jerry Lincoln

Milan Lincoln with younger brother Jerry Lincoln.

Jerry Lincoln, Milan Lincoln, and Robert Lincoln

Milan Lincoln (center), with younger brother Jerry (left) and cousin Robert Lincoln (right), around 1945.