The Descendants of

Thomas Lincoln, the husbandman

Wilbur Otis Lincoln

Birth: 25-Dec-1896, Scotia, Nebraska
Death:   14-Sep-1899, Scotia, Nebraska
Paternal Lineage

No children


Wilbur Lincoln died as a young child at age 2.  His birth and death dates are from his headstone in Scotia, Nebraska, which gives his date of death, and states he lived "2 years, 9 months, and 20 days", so his birth date is calculated backwards from that date.  On his headstone it says,

  • We loved this tender little one
  • And would have wished his stay
  • But let our father's will be done
  • He shines in endless day.

Map of Nebraska

Documentation is from:

  1. Personal family records especially from Robert Martin Lincoln, son of Allan and Ila Lincoln.
  2. Darrel Vance of the Scotia, Nebraska Cemetery Board.



Headstone - Wilbur Otis Lincoln

Headstone - Wilbur Otis Lincoln