The Descendants of

Thomas Lincoln, the husbandman

Caleb Lincoln

Birth: 03-May-1645, Hingham, Massachusetts
Death:   09-Dec-11715, Hingham, Massachusetts
Marriage:   08-May-1684 to Rachel Bate
02-Sep-1698 to Hannah Jackson
Paternal Lineage

With wife Rachel Bate:

  • Ruth, born 11-Feb-1684/85
  • Caleb, born 06-Feb-1686/87
  • Rachel, born 20-Jun-1688
  • Anna, born 15-Sep-1690
  • Silence, born 26-Dec-1692
  • Luke, born 27-Mar-1695

With wife Hannah Jackson:

  • No children

Caleb was a carpener.  He lived on Fort Hill Street, the same street as his father and twin brother, Joshua.  He died at 70 years old.

Caleb's first wife, Rachel Bate, was the daughter of James and Ruth (Lyford) Bate.  She was born in Hingham, Massachusetts on 06-Sep-1659 and died 10-Nov-1696 at the age of 37 years (and Caleb was 51 years old).  Such a young age suggests complications of childbirth, but there is no known child recorded around that date.

Caleb married his second wife, Hannah Jackson, two years after his first wife died.  Hannah's birthdate is unknown.  Hannah died in Hingham, Massachusetts on 17-May-1706 (Caleb was 61 at that time).

Documentation is from:

  1. History of the Town of Hingham, Massachusetts, George Lincoln (editor), 1893, Vol. III, pages 16 - 17.



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History of the Town of Hingham, MA, Vol. III, p. 16

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History of the Town of Hingham, MA, Vol III, p. 17